About Allnet

"My life goal was to give every player the ability to shoot like the greats."

Combining my 28+ years of experience in fitness and sports with a degree in kinesiology, I developed a device that will give you “The Shooter’s Touch.”- Rich Menchio 

Anybody who enjoys the game of basketball knows there is no better feeling than walking onto the court and other people knowing that you are a shooting threat. AllNet is a basketball shooting device that is scientifically designed to help you improve your  shot up to 90%.

Let me start off by telling you how I came up with this. I could not shoot a basketball to save my life. If I were anywhere remotely close to the 3-point line, players would turn around, wait for the rebound, and laugh at me. I was always the last one to be picked up for a team, and I’d go home embarrassed and humiliated.

One night, at 1 o’clock, the powers that be put a vision in my head. I woke up, went straight to my garage, and made the very first ALLNET out of a coat hanger. It felt as if the universe had handed me the secret to becoming a great shooter in basketball.
I wore my prototype and continued to practice with it, and would make small adjustments in the angles, the arch, the size of the straps, and the width of the device. I took it to the gym for an hour a day, and in two weeks, I kid you not, I was a 70% 3-point shooter! They weren’t laughing anymore. They wouldn’t let me touch the ball. That’s how drastically my shot changed.

- Rich Menchio,  Inventor
Our product is Fully patented. (US D651,674S, US 8177667, US 8702540. Chinese Design Patent No. ZL201130370765.1 and 27 European countries 001297238)

Talk the talk, Walk the walk

We take pride in our product and use it ourselves! Check out AllNet’s inventor, Rich light up the court only 2 weeks after having back surgery.


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